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  • Implementation 1C: ERP / KA / UT

  • 1C Modification

  • Cloud 1C:Enterprise

  • Technical support

  • Business intelligence

  • Data Consolidation

  • Upgrade modules

  • Websites and mobile applications


How can we help?

if we do something, we do it well

"Account Soft" LLP provides services for the automation of enterprises and is engaged in the implementation, maintenance, and support of programs based on 1C.

Our goal - improve the efficiency of your business.

We provide services for the implementation of business intelligence systems Qlik and Power BI.

We have created a unique store of applications and adaptations for typical 1C products. The cost of applications is ten times cheaper than custom development.

1C:ERP Implementation

We offer a full range of professional services for the rapid implementation and support of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.

  • Functions

    Wide functionality at the level of world-class ERP-systems.

  • Flexible system
    Flexible and productive modern platform "1C:Enterprise 8.3" that supports work via the Internet, including "cloud" technologies and work on mobile devices.
  • Modern platform
    Multi-platform, flexibility and support for open source software, the system is easily adapted to business processes and any innovations of the organization.
  • Investment benefit
    Low cost of ownership, increased productivity and fast return on investment.
  • For any industry
    Suitable for any industry: on the basis of "1C: ERP" a wide range of industrial sectoral solutions is offered, the system can be implemented in complex industries.
  • Expandability
    A large number of specialized solutions that expand the capabilities of the system (PDM, EAM, PMO, ITIL, CRM, MDM, WMS, TMS, BSC, ECM, CPM, ESB, GIS, EHS, etc.).
1С Modification
We are ready to adapt the software to any business requirements of the client:
  • Refinement of 1C configurations
    Our services include finalization of any 1C configurations on 1C: Enterprise 8.3, 8.2 platforms, etc.
    • Creation of additional functionality to expand the capabilities of the existing one.
    • Automation of any business processes.
    The specifics of the work and the wishes of the client (refinement, project, implementation) are taken into account.
  • Refinement and creation of printing forms

    Our specialists modify existing printing forms (managerial and regulated), create new printing forms.

    Refinement and creation of printing forms occur without changing the 1C configuration.

  • Finalization and creation of reports
    We carry out improvements to existing management and regulatory reporting in the client's 1C system, as well as the creation of new reports. Refinement and creation of reports are carried out without changes in 1C configurations.
  • 1C integration
    Our specialists carry out integration and synchronization of 1C with various systems for subsequent data exchange:
    • Other configurations 1C
    • Other accounting systems
    • Web sites
    • Mobile applications
  • Setting user rights in 1C
    We configure the access rights of 1C users to specific objects and functionality in the information system. Correct differentiation of access rights is carried out for platforms 1C: Enterprise 8.3, 8.2 and others; as well as for various configurations 1C
  • Correction of errors in 1C, optimization of 1C

    The specialists of our company fix errors in the current system of the client for the correct operation of 1C, as well as optimize the performance of 1C.

Technical support
The conclusion of a contract for monthly technical support will save money, the cost of an hour of work is cheaper with a 20% discount.
  • Request

    Customer requests are accepted in a special mailbox (as well as by a dedicated phone or messenger - for clarification of details)

  • Fixing

    Any request is recorded in our system. We respond within 2 hours

  • Analysis

    We clarify the details, if possible we involve a specialist, or we inform the day and time when the specialist will complete the task

  • Feedback

    We are always ready to give feedback on the status of all applications. We do not lose a single letter and do not forget anything

  • Deadline

    We meet deadlines (if there is a threat of a deadline shift, we check with the client if this is possible)

  • Tasks

    We connect different specialists to the tasks of the client: a manager, 1C consultants for various products, developers, performance specialists, a methodologist, if necessary.

Why us?

  • Experience of specialists

    Only professionals work, we do not take work that we cannot perform

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee the results of our work.

    Payment only after 5 days of testing

  • 1C upgrades App store

    We develop our own solutions. More details can be found on the website

  • 1C Franchising

    We are an active partner of 1C for the sale and implementation of products

  • Only real automation

    We do not develop for the sake of development

  • Constantly improving approaches to working with clients

Prices for 1C services

Implementation of 1C:ERP /ka /ut

₸ on request

The minimum cost is achieved using the technology of standard 1C implementation

1с Modification
₸ 10 000

The cost of work on any modifications 1C for 1 hour

Technical support

₸ 8 000

If you conclude a contract from 5 hours, the price for 1 hour of work

works under fixed contracts

₸ on request

Option to work under a fixed contract for results.

Sale of software products

₸ on request

According to the price list at recommended prices 1C

1C Enterprise via the Internet

from ₸ 1833

The minimum cost when buying 5 sessions for 24 months. Rates

QlikView BI platform

Generates convenient reports, consolidates, analyzes information from your accounting systems and other information sources

  • Convenient user interface

    The QlikView platform allows you to visually display and interact with data, which makes the task of business analysis as simple as possible for users.

  • Online data processing

    Data processing is performed in RAM. The system loads into RAM all the data necessary for the analysis, where it performs the calculation, providing the result without delay

  • Powerful filtering and data coverage

    A powerful data filtering system that works on the principle of associations. By setting up a filter in the dashboard, you will immediately get a visual representation of all the relationships in the data.

  • Instant response to requests

    Users get instant response when processing huge amounts of data in the system. QlikView technology provides this.

  • Solution of non-standard tasks

    Creates opportunities for finding non-standard solutions to business problems. Allows you to set criteria for data analysis and get results in the context of various indicators

  • Clear interpretation of results

    Users can refine the meaning of data in a report in a variety of ways. Highlighting data on charts, circling the desired fragment, clicking on the field values.

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